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CPTED-UK represent United Kingdom at the Safe Place Congress in Warsaw

CPTED-UK and the BRE Loss Prevention Certification Board presented the latest global trends in built environment security during the 6th International Scientific and Technological Congress SAFE PLACE 2023 that took place on 20-22nd November in Warsaw.

The debate adopted an international format with the active participation of experts representing NATO organizations and international security institutions, as well as representatives of security departments in foreign organizations and facilities.

Experience and conclusions from the implementation of tasks during the war was shared with the participants by invited experts and practitioners from Ukraine.

The participants of the Congress represented scientific and expert centres, security institutions, the protection and technical security sector, as well as public and critical infrastructure facilities. The Congress applied an innovative formula that maximised the opportunity to expand knowledge in the field of the latest solutions to strengthen the security of institutions and facilities against war, hybrid and terrorist threats.