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What We Do

We design solutions to protect the buildings and infrastructure users and at the same time contribute to the dignity, safety and security of the wider community. We provide support throughout the project lifecycle, from the concept design to the operational handover and the ongoing use of the facility.

Security is one of the essential Planning considerations in any construction project. Misconceptions around the built environment security often result in costly yet poorly designed systems that fail to address the key vulnerabilities. We work with you to develop specific project requirements that will act as an effective framework when implementing any type of security system or service

Understanding the projects security needs from the early stages allows to mitigate the risk in a cost-effective and sustainable way that benefits the developer, the end user and the community.

SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE) is a security risk management certification standard that can be used to assess new and existing buildings, infrastructure and managed space during design, construction, and operations.

SABRE enables organisations to achieve better security outcomes and return on investment, evidence their commitment, and communicate their ability to protect what is important. This provides assurance to stakeholders, aids regulatory compliance, and supports successful wellness and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) strategies.

Independent SABRE assessment leads to third-party certification awarded by BRE Global Limited, owners of the BREEAM and Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) range of standards.

As well as a Suitably Qualified Security Secialist (SQSS), CPTED-UK Ltd is a SABRE Registered Professional and Assessor fully competent in all the areas of SABRE: SQSS, Threat, Risk, Strategy, Technical and Operations. SABRE Reg No SLC-028-001

The aim of security in BREEAM Hea06 Security Needs Assessment (SNA) is to encourage the planning and implementation of effective measures that provide an appropriate level of security to the building and site.

What is a Security Needs Assessment?

As a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) we develop site-specific recommendations to improve the security of the site and creates a safer and more secure environment that reduces the fear of and risk of crime. This supports the physical and mental wellbeing of building users, and the protection of property and business.

The exemplary level credit of Hea 06 requires the use of a compliant risk based security rating scheme and for the projects performance against the scheme to be confirmed through independent assessment and verification. SABRE is the only Building Research Establishment compliant scheme to meet the criteria for the exemplary level credit.

Where this criteria has been met, and as such the exemplary level credit achieved, the ‘Security of site and building’ credit of Hea 06 is also automatically achieved.

The aim of security in Home Quality Mark (HQM) is to promote the design of developments where people feel safe and secure, and where crime and the fear of crime does not reduce people’s quality of life or sense of community.

As a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) we conduct an evidence-based Security Needs Assessment (SNA) during or prior to early design stages (typically RIBA Stage 2 or equivalent).

What is a Security Needs Assessment?

We develop a set of recommendations or solutions during or prior to early design stages (typically RIBA Stage 2 or equivalent). These recommendations or solutions aim to ensure that the homes, and external areas within the site’s boundary are designed and specified to address the issues identified in the preceding Security Needs Assessment (SNA)

BREEAM In-Use International v.6 2019

RSL08 Social Risks and Opportunities
The aim of this credit is to recognize and encourage the assessment of the asset’s exposure to climate-related social risks and opportunities.

The process for assessing social risks and opportunities should evaluate the impacts to and from the community and interdependent infrastructure deemed to be material to the asset. Particular attention should be given to underrepresented groups detailing how impacts to the assets may cascade outwards to potentially impact these groups. The assessment should encourage outcomes that contribute to enhancing the community’s overall resilience.

The assessment must be carried out by a suitably qualified person or organisation, preferably third-party to the asset owner or manager within the last five years.

BREEAM In-Use International v.6 2019

RSL10 Security Risk Assessment
The aim of this credit is to ensure all property-related security issues are identified and addressed in order to reduce risks from crime.

As a Suitably Qualified Security Specialist (SQSS) we document a security risk assessment for the asset. The risk assessment describes the security controls deployed (if any) to manage the identified security risks, and a procedure for ensuring the risk assessment is kept up to date.

Exemplary credit is available when an independent assessment and verification (e.g. certification) of performance against a risk-based security rating scheme has been achieved. Security Assurance by BRE- SABRE is the only Building Research Establishment compliant scheme to meet the criteria for the exemplary level credit.

Secured by Design (SBD) is the official police security initiative that works to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit. 

We design security system solutions based on the operational requirements of the facility. The choice of equipment and the operational outcomes conform with national, international and sector specific standards, address your security needs and meet expectations of the end user. Being independent allows us to recognise quality within industry and compare solutions from a full range of suppliers worldwide.

The adoption of security measures as part of an overall security strategy can reduce the costs of protective solutions substantially, as planning the protective measure at the design stage allows for resourcefulness, multifunctionality and cost-efficiency.

Most risks affecting an organisation can be readily identified and therefore predicted. We assist with mapping those risks, and apply our expertise to help you prepare, manage and recover from incidents by reviewing your security policies and procedures. Without a competent data driven risk assessment, companies often find it difficult to implement appropriate and proportionate security measures.

We take time to understand your business assets and critical functions as well as your company culture, mission and development goals. We establish a clear understanding of the security management practice either already deployed or available and guide you in prioritising your objectives. We devise innovative plans to maximise your return on investment and increase levels of protection, resilience and preparedness.

We provide discreet security interventions for High and Ultra High Net worth Clients. The holistic approach we develop includes physical security, asset protection, and travel risk management.

Our team of experienced PEACE, Mendez and WZ trained interrogators can support the loss prevention function of your business. We detect and deter unlawful activities of staff, management and third parties to support your HR and compliance teams.

We are fully aware of the complexities of business crime, the sensitive nature of handling internal investigations and the associated risks, such as reputational damage. We apply the high ethical standards and ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to each individual case.

We have decades worth of investigative experience in both public and private sectors, and in academia. We managed the Police response to business crime on a national level and played an instrumental role in the formation of the UK National Business Crime Solutions. We headed the loss prevention function for one of the UK’s largest multinational retailers. We have also taught and supervised Senior Police officers up to PiP 4 on MScs in Criminal and Corporate Investigations.