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CPTED-UK joins the International CPTED Association

CPTED-UK is now officially represented in the international CPTED family! The relationship with International CPTED Association has been formalised following informal conversations with multiple urban planning and design stakeholders, who share the passion for urban security. The ICA brings together representatives of CPTED from several other countries- architects, urban planners, lawyers, researchers, academics, Police and private consultants.

Whilst some countries have a national ICA Chapter, up until now the ICA had limited representation from the United Kingdom. Those who attended the recent ICA Annual Conference 2023 in Sao Paolo, hosted by CPTED Brasil know CPTED-UK considered joining the ICA.

Boguslawa Motylska, Director of CPTED-UK commented on the decision: “Having engaged with the ICA informally for a while we recognise mutual benefits of CPTED-UK becoming an active member of this global community. Whilst we remain completely independent, part of our company culture is to cultivate curiosity, embrace diversity and to innovate. We may not endorse all of the ideas developed within the ICA, but we certainly want to be part of the discussion that shapes the development of CPTED.”

Richard Stones OBE, Director of CPTED-UK said: “With the wealth of our knowledge and experience from the Police, private sector, other professional bodies and academia we have a lot to offer to the global CPTED community. At the same time we recognise the value of the diverse perspectives offered by other ICA members. We look forward to expanding our understanding of the various CPTED related case studies and ideas.”

Since the formation of the company in 2019, CPTED-UK Directors reached out to several other practitioners of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design around the world. CPTED-UK hold regular conversations with representatives of the United States of America, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Poland and others. Joining ICA formalises some of those relationships.

It is CPTED-UK’s intention as the new ICA member to:

Stay tuned with the latest developments in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) from around the world by reading the ICA Newsletter. The latest edition features the CPTED-UK’s article: “You can’t have Sustainability without Security.”