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British Department for Business and Trade (DBT) support for CPTED-UK

The British Department for Business and Trade (DBT) supports CPTED-UK in developing international relations with other European countries. In the recent interview with the DBT we explain our export history, the challenges and opportunities, and our future plans. CPTED-UK also features in the DBTs recent monthly newsletter.

Company Background – export history

CPTED-UK is an international security consultancy for the built environment with a strong focus on supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They provide technical support throughout the project lifecycle, from the concept design to the operational handover and the ongoing use of the facility.

In 2021 CPTED-UK secured a contract with EPP, the largest retail portfolio property management company in Poland to deliver a Security Risk Assessment under BREEAM for the Malta Office Park in Poznan. As a thought leader for socially sensitive approaches to security, CPTED-UK also assessed the social risk and opportunities of the business park.

CPTED-UK assessments were the first ones under BREEAM carried out in the Central and Eastern Europe. Working with EPP, CPTED-UK initiated a partnership collaboration between the City of Poznan and Malta Office Park to maximise the social value, improve business sustainability and the resilience of the local community. Such an approach was well received by the City of Poznan and by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), who shortlisted Malta Office Park for the annual BREEAM Awards.

Since then, CPTED-UK have continued to develop its international engagement with potential clients and business delivery partners. Over the past year CPTED-UK focused on establishing a network of organisations that represent the same values and support their company mission. These include United Nations Criminal Research Institute (UNICRI) with a Headquarters in Turin, The Centre for the Living City in New York and the New European Bauhaus (NEB) in Brussels.

What were the challenges/opportunities?

As a UK based SME there are limited opportunities to engage with the EU funded projects. Nevertheless it is widely recognised that the United Kingdom has the most advanced system of CPTED implementation in Europe with its many policy strands that relate to urban planning and crime prevention. CPTED-UK expertise in a niche area of urban planning and design allows them to participate in EU funded projects in a technical advisory role. CPTED-UK have recently participated in a Smart Spaces Safety and Security for All Cities (S4AllCities) project. The project pilots, that tested the state-of-the art innovative security technologies and systems, took place in Trikala (Greece,) Bilbao (Spain) and Pilsen (Czech Republic). The S4AllCities project has created outstanding business networking opportunities for CPTED-UK with other urban security stakeholders in the EU member states. Good working relationships and mutual trust with high profile organisations establishes CPTED-UK as an attractive partner for future international business engagement. For many EU funded projects the multidisciplinary cross-sector collaboration is an essential compliance requirement.

What happened/export growth/new contract/new employees etc.

response to the First Call for Proposals under the European Urban Initiative- Innovative Action (EUI-IA). The submitted proposal applies Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) methodology to the renovation of a centrally positioned heritage building of a former school of economy which was fundamental to the shaping of the social identity in the district. The design of the building provides adaptable indoor and outdoor public space to facilitate activities that address the collectively identified existing and emerging needs of the local community.

The first EUI-IA Call for Proposals funds projects to deliver tangible, real-life examples of New European Bauhaus (NEB) interventions that fully integrate the three NEB core values of sustainability, inclusiveness, and aesthetics to a maximum level of ambition. The Call tests our ability to convert current urban challenges into opportunities, to address them through integrated solutions, translating the European Green Deal into innovative interventions that empower citizens to lead the change towards green and inclusive cities, towns and local communities.

CPTED-UK are an official ambassador and interlocutor of the New European Bauhaus- a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences.

How did DBT help?

DBT continued to provide support to CPTED-UK to encourage business engagement overseas. The British Embassy in Warsaw circulated the CPTED-UK call for the expressions of interest in relation to the EUI-IA first call for proposals to several local authorities. They created opportunities to present CPTED-UK’s offer to the chairman of the board of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area- the largest metropolis in Poland. The Metropolitan Area immediately recognised the benefits of the proposal. The initial business engagement resulted in a series of further meetings with the individual local authorities and other stakeholders within the metropolitan structure.

North Powerhouse

Support from the DBT Midlands Trade Advisors was invaluable in arranging CPTED-UK’s access to the Internationalisation Fund using the European Regional Development Fund. On 16 October 2020 DIT Ministers announced, as part of the Government’s Export Growth Plan to help businesses in England build back better following the pandemic, a £38 million Internationalisation Fund for small businesses, which aimed to help up to 7,600 SMEs in England grow their overseas trading and strengthen their business. DBT helped CPTED-UK draft an export action plan. The plan defined the proposed activities they would take in growing their business through international trade. This include: – market research, market selection and entry advice, PR support and importantly access to British Embassy events in Poland, one of their target markets. The fund provided match funding for some of the associated travel costs and enabled CPTED-UK to competitively engage in international markets.

Future Plan

Encouraged by the success of their approach, CPTED-UK intend to continue developing relationships with urban planning and design stakeholders overseas. They have been invited to the 28th German Crime Prevention Congress taking place this summer in Mannheim. In October they take part in the International CPTED Association Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are also in the process of negotiating a contract with a client in Kazakhstan that has the potential to generate a long-term engagement with other specialist world-class real estate consultancies.

Advice for other exporters?

Trading with overseas is not just about generating profit. The diversity that any international engagement brings to your business is an asset in its own right. It helps to generate innovative ideas that enhance your offer. SMEs in the UK are lucky to have access to a comprehensive range of resources and services to support their first steps on the international markets. The evolving nature of the global market always creates exciting opportunities for new products and services.

They also created opportunities to present CPTED-UK’s offer to the chairman of the board of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area- the largest metropolis in Poland.

The initial business engagement resulted in a series of further meetings with the individual local authorities and other stakeholders within the metropolitan structure.

The initial engagement with EPP and several local authorities have established CPTED-UK as a trusted partner for the delivery of the security and social value services for the real estate management, urban planning and design stakeholders. As a result, the company has secured further contracts with the same client and held several further meetings with local authorities in Poland exploring mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities.