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High Street Task Force security in Loss Prevention Europe

CPTED-UK Ltd has now got a regular column dedicated to High Street security within the Loss Prevention Europe. Richard Stones OBE is an internationally recognised expert in business security. He has recently been appointed to the High Street Task Force formed by the British Government to support the regeneration of the high streets in the UK. Richards role is to advice on security solutions that are most suitable to address the existing and future threats.
In the first article of the series Richard describes his journey to becoming a business security expert. ‘From fast cars and guns to writing book chapters’- Richard was involved in every aspect of law enforcement, intelligence and crime prevention. It did not take long for his ability to successfully apply innovative solutions and outside the box thinking to be recognised globally. From there on Richard worked with the most influential global security organisations such as NATO, United Nations or European Union.

Richard shares his experience and reflects on security challenges of the future High Street. Read the full story on p. 31-33 of the latest online edition of the magazine:

LP Magazine EU, Winter 2020-2021